the calendar app

Looking for a new calendar app? Try this one for free! "Fast and clear!" - That's Cali, the calendar app.

Optimally structured overview and swipe gestures, the fastest way to navigate. For iPhone and iPad.

With clear views for day, week, month and year you always keep track. Both over your schedule, as well as over time.

The intuitive control via swipe gestures allows you to navigate quickly. Scroll up and down to go ahead in time and back. Swipe left or right to switch between views.

Through a touch you create a new entry directly where you need it. Quickly add the details and you're done.

Wrong day? Just tap & hold to move or copy an appointment.

Cali is compatible with the iOS calendar on your device, you do not have to re-enter your dates. Even your other calendar services such as iCloud, Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, etc. you can just continue to use.

Of course, Cali also supports the reminder functionality, so that you will be reminded in time before an appointment. Simply enter how long before or set a fixed time for the reminder.

Want more or less color in your day? Choose among 6 color themes and change the appearance of your calendar.

The calendar is completely usable without paying anything. However, a small In-App-Purchase is available if you want to support the developer.

Download Cali now for free and experience how simple and clear a calendar app can be!