Cali Privacy Policy

Limitation of liability

The app was done with great diligence, hovewer no warranty can be given for an absence of errors. Use it at your own risk!

Personal data

The app uses personal data, i.e. the appointments and contacts to display them in the app. These won’t be send to a server or in any other form out of the app, except the user does this explicitly, e.g. when sending an invitation the appointment will also be send.

The app is compatible with iCal from Apple so the data will be read from and written to the iCal data base. iCal in turn can be linked to other services like Google Calendar so the data may be send to other servers this way. However, this is out of the scope of this app.


The app uses “Amplitutde” ( to track some user actions within the app. This is done to get insights into the app usage and to get some questions answered important for the app development, e.g. how many users use the app daily?

The statistical data will be send to servers from Amplitude for preparation, which are in the USA. The data is anonymous and can’t be linked to specific persons. They won’t be sell and are only for internal use to improve the app.

You can disable the tracking by switching it off in the app’s settings under the menu entry “Tracking”.

External services

The app uses additional services and third party software to realize some functionality in the app. For these their own legals apply and may also collect and send data on their own.
Tracking some statistical data in der app